Curriculum Vitae

Julian Louis Phillips
I make performance, sculpture, and video based in explorations of the meaning of identity and perception. Dissonance and contradiction fascinate me and where I readily find material.
My work delves into subjects of race, nationality, conflict, and environments.
b. 1988 Brooklyn, New York
Studio is located in New York
2018. Master of Fine Art in Social Practice at Queens College, Flushing, NY
2011. Bachelor of Fine Art at Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, NY
2018-19. More Art Engaging Artist Fellow
2018. A Fresh Civility The Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2017. House of Practice The James Gallery at The Graduate Center, New York, NY
2017. Gestures and Junctures, Questions and Quotes Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016. Heal The World Klapper Gallery, Flushing, NY
2016. Atlas [Index] Archive Queens College Arts Center, Queens, NY
2016. Tinder, Kindle, Fuel Klapper Gallery, Flushing, NY
2016. Demystify, Destroy, Rebuild! Museum of Impact, Newark, NJ
Performances, Ongoing Projects, and Collaborations
2018. Trees of Tomorrow, Public Performance in NYC, Flushing, NY
2017. Basquet, Public Performance, Lower Manhattan, NY
2017. A Reflection on Resistance, Queens Museum, NY
2017. How to Cleanse a Flag, Public Performance in NYC, Bowling Green, NYC
2017. Resistance Theatre Queens Museum, Queens, NY
2017. You, I and Other Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT